Quasiengineer to Quasieconomist

Since I graduated from industrial engineering major, I’ve never admit as an engineer. I prefer to be called as an engineering graduated to an engineer. Because, it is too good to be true as a person who can solve a lot of problem with various techniques and sharp analysis. I just learnt some materials that even i didn’t understand until I got the notion couple years after graduation. Suddenly all became simpler and easier at Shindanshi Training Programme that I joint on it. So, what is the cause. whether troubled academic process at undergradute program or just my limited understanding at that time, that is still a question that i don’t want to know the answer. I tend to consider my upgrade my self on all sides. That’s why i decided to pursue my higher education at master degree.
I chose economics as the major. It is seemed unrelated to my background of education. But, actually who doesn’t live in economic realm? I believe, even you are a Sufi or Monk, can not be resistant to the economy. I want to know, what the economic issues that everyday appear in the newspaper and tv-news 24/7.
Do i want to be an economist? Hmmm…that sounds too nice apparently. Okay than, please keep the finger crossed to me. Wish me the best 🙂


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