After creating account since 2 years ago, this is the 1st time blog in and try to post something. What a howler, I even don’t remember that I’ve had a WordPress account as a clean sheet until I try to make another new account with the same e-mail.

By the way, it’s a good moment to start pouring my blog with sort of scratch idea. It is early days of new year of 1433 H. By chance, i’ve trough a lot of things that interesting to be shared, or just for my remainder at the future. I’ll try to write consistently because i need this for practising my writing ability, which got Bad score in IELTS :).

Perhaps, most of my postings is something that i don’t understand yet. And i choose to say “i dunno” if somebody ask me about that. Hopefully anyone can help me to know it better. That is why i set my title of this post with “wakarimasen”, that I don’t know in literally meaning. A scholar has said that I don’t know is a half answer of all question. He told that when he studied at the oldest university in the world, Al Azhar, he used to ask about particular subject to his lecturer. His professor answered with I don’t know even he is an expert on that subject. The answer is because there is another senior lecturer who is the master of that particular question. The lecturer did that for the sake of courtesy.

So, let’s be a wise guy n discuss all the things that we don’t understand exactly. Because if you ask me, you’ll get “I don’t know, let’s find out and talk about it.”


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